A warm welcome to White City Close from Simon & Serena. We do hope you enjoy your stay.

Any queries you can contact:

This guide will help you find your way around the facilities within the house.


Locking the front door

If from the inside, please only use the bolts at the top and bottom of the door, also you can use the chain for added security if needed.

If from the outside, close the door and lift the handle upwards, as far as possible. Now slide the keypad cover upwards to reveal the keypad. Press the * key on the keypad, you will hear a mechanical action as the lock is engaged. The handle can now not be moved below the horizontal position. The door is locked.

You MUST now slide the cover down back over the keypad.

If the lock fails to operate from the outside slide shut the keypad cover and open once more – this has the effect of resetting the any of the previous actions.

Unlocking front door

  1. Above the handle of the door is cover which can be slid upwards to reveal a keypad. To start ensure the keypad cover is shut.
  2. Slide the keypad cover upwards
  3. Key in the 8 digit code you have been supplied via email. As you key the digits a beep for each digit compression will be sounded.

If you mis-type the 8 digit code, or you do not hear any keypad beeps, simply slide close the keypad cover and re-open, this has the effect of resetting your previous actions.

Keep the keypad lid shut when you are not using it.


Key: 123456aaaa

Black out blinds on the velux windows in living room

The Velux Windows in the living room have black out blinds, which can be pulled down the windows to draw. To allow the blinds to re-tract, you need to pivot the very base of the blind back towards the window, this will release the blind brake and the blind will retract.

Additional Bedding & Wardrobe

Is stored in the cupboard at the top of the stairs, this cupboard may also be used for additional wardrobe space.  Towels are also stored in this cupboard

Hair dryer

Hair dryer is stored in bedside table in the bedroom


Can be accessed via the bedroom- be careful not to lock yourself out. Please use the ashtray supplied

Operating the sofa beds


To operate the dark grey two seater sofa bed, Lift up the seat using the cord in the centre of the back of the seatIMG_1924

Fold out the seat so that it you see the legs underneath, and fold out the legs, and holding the bed base straight, lower to the floor;

Tilt the back of the sofa into position to make a bed:


There is a mattress for this bed with a sheet on behind the sofa (or stored in the upstairs cupboard)
Bedding – for this bed is in the cupboard at the top of the stairs

Operating the corner sofa bed

Two fabric handles protrude from under the long seat of the sofa. Simply pull these handles towards you. The bed will pull out from under the seat.




Once the bed is fully extend simply pull UP on the handles, this will cause the cushion to lift upwards.


Now pull the handles straight out again and the bed will go to a horizontal position.

There is a mattress with Sheet folded behind the sofa, put this on top of the sofa to sleep on.

Bedding – The rear of the sofa bed hinges upwards, from the right hand side, pillows, duvet and sheet are stored here.


Converting back to sofa – To place base back, simply lift on handles again and push the bed back towards sofa.


To shut the windows press in the brass button to the left of the frame, this unlocks the window from its open position.



Recyling – Bags are under the sink, Recycle bins are the nearest red bins on the road.

Waste – Dustbin bags are in the left cupboard in the kitchen, dispose of these in the ‘Trade Waste’ bins, to the right of the Recycle bins, by the public Wood Lane Garden